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The Eye Experts – experienced in laser and non-laser vision correction

At Exeter Eye we have a long-standing reputation as eye experts in both laser eye surgery – LASIK & LASEK, and non-laser vision correction procedures. While many ophthalmic surgeons in the UK have a great deal of experience in laser eye surgery – LASIK & LASEK, few of them also have our breadth of experience in alternative vision correction techniques as well.

With a wide range of experience and skills, our surgeons are ideally placed to recommend the very best treatment to suit your unique situation and needs. You won’t have to worry about being forced into a procedure that’s not right for you. We’ll only ever recommend a treatment if it’s going to offer you the results you want.

Vision Correction Specialists

Deciding to have laser eye surgery – LASIK & LASEK isn’t an easy choice, and neither is choosing the right surgeon. You want to be sure you select someone with a great deal of experience, skill and integrity, who can offer you the best possible visual results.

You should also bear in mind that the best vision correction procedure for you might not be laser eye surgery – LASIK & LASEK. There could be another procedure that is more suitable for you, and will offer you better results. However, it takes an expert in both laser and non-laser vision correction to know all the options and recommend the very best treatment for you.

Reputation for excellence in vision correction surgery

We have a solid reputation for surgical excellence and outstanding levels of care. Our patients consistently recommend us to their friends and family because they enjoyed excellent results from their surgery, along with truly personal service. You can read some of their reviews on Google reviews.

We also have a reputation for excellence among other medical professionals. Local GPs and opticians frequently refer their own patients to us for laser eye surgery – LASIK & LASEK and other refractive procedures, because they know we offer the highest quality of care and consistently outstanding results.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy the very highest levels of service, with personal attention from our qualified surgeons at every stage of your consultation and treatment.

Unlike many eye surgery clinics, whose surgeons practice solely in the private sector, we have the breadth and depth of experience of having performed thousands of intraocular surgery procedures on the NHS, as well as privately.

Our standing and reputation as local NHS eye specialists is another aspect of our practice that sets us apart from many of our competitors. And it allows you to feel safe in the knowledge that you are being treated by trusted practitioners, with a reputation for excellence.

The Importance of Complete Eye Exams

Caring for your eyesight begins with complete eye examinations. Complete eye exams are about more than just testing your vision, it’s a full check-up for your eyes. Many eye care problems can develop over long periods of time, without symptoms, and can irreversibly damage your vision.

Regularly scheduled complete eye exams are the best way to detect such conditions early, and address them before they develop into more serious problems. Most adults should have a complete eye exam every one to two years. Children should receive complete eye exams regularly as they grow to detect and treat eye conditions that can affect their progress in school.

Infants should have their first comprehensive eye exam at six months, and subsequent exams as directed by their eye doctor. Patients who are at a higher risk for certain conditions, such as diabetes, a family history of glaucoma, and those over the age of 40, should have exams more frequently, as recommended by their eye doctor.

Remember that caring for your eyesight begins with complete eye examinations. They are the best way to detect eye conditions early, and address them before they develop into more severe problems.

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