Implantable Contact Lenses

Implantable contact lenses (ICLs) are the ideal solution if you struggle to wear external contact lenses but you are unsuitable for laser eye surgery – LASIK & LASEK because of:

Implantable contact lenses work in much the same way as external contact lenses, but are placed inside your eye during a simple operation, giving you permanently clearer vision. ICLs are very safe to use, extremely biocompatible and can even be removed in the future as they are not designed to alter the structure of the eye in any way.

The ICL procedure is virtually painlesss and you’ll be given a topical (no needle) anaesthetic to numb your eye so you won’t feel any pain. A mild sedative can also be given to help with any nerves you may have.

Using advanced no-stitch surgical techniques, the ICL is inserted behind your iris and in front of your eye’s natural lens. As the ICL is minuscule and soft it can be folded up so small that it can be injected into the eye in seconds through a tiny self-sealing opening. Once injected, the ICL unfolds into position in the liquid between the iris and natural lens.

Once in place, the ICLs work together with the eye’s natural focusing system, to deliver sharper, clearer vision. They are an ideal solution for nearly anyone, who has the need or desire to rid themselves of glasses or contact lenses.

ICLs offer patients an alternative to corneal refractive procedures, such as LASIK or PRK. ICLs have distinct advantages over corneal refractive procedures. They provide superior quality of vision. They can correct a wide range of refractive errors, including very strong errors.

The ICL procedure will take no more than 15 minutes, after which you will be free to go home within two hours. A post-operative examination will take place the following day and normal activities should resume within a matter of days.

One eye is treated at a time with the second eye a minimum of two days later.

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Important Information

Implantable contact lenses are useful in treating keratoconus where laser vision correction is unsuitable. ICLs are completely invisible to anyone looking at your eyes and it is also safe to continue playing contact sports after your surgery.

ICLs alter the focusing point of your eye to give you clearer vision in the same way that wearing glasses or contact lenses do.

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