New laser for sight restoration after cataract surgery, and for glaucoma treatment

Exeter Eye are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest laser, the Ellex Tango YAG & SLT laser.

This beautifully engineered laser is perfect for treating the ‘misty’ lens capsule behind your lens implant which occurs some time after cataract surgery, and restores your vision to how it was soon after your cataract operation. The misty membrane is ‘vapourised’ away by the YAG laser.

After cataract surgery (the most frequent operation in medicine), a misty lens capsule laser operation is the commonest treatment in medicine. The misty capsule is also known as ‘posterior capsular opacification’.

Find out more and view a video of the procedure

The laser can also treat a form of glaucoma called angle closure glaucoma by painlessly making a tiny hole in the iris. The common form of glaucoma, ‘open angle glaucoma’ is treated by the second laser in the Ellex Tango laser, the SLT laser. This treatment often means you don’t need eye drops for glaucoma, as the laser lowers the eye pressure and protects your eye from glaucoma damage.

Find out more and view a video of laser procedures for glaucoma

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