Zeiss HFA3 830 Visual Field Analyser

We are delighted to have recently installed a new visual field testing machine. The Zeiss HFA3 Field Analyser is the new gold standard for visual field assessment. It includes the latest features to improve the accuracy and interpretation of visual fields.

RelEYE tracking allows constant eye position monitoring during the test and highlights issues such as positioning of the upper lid and corrective lens which otherwise may affect test interpretation.

Faster gaze tracking improves assessment of field reliability.

Zeiss HFA3 830 Visual Field Analyser testing screen
Zeiss HFA3 830 Visual Field Analyser testing screen

The HFA3 830 has a SmartTouch interface to streamline set-up during appointments.

All data can now be transferred directly to our clinic server and electronic record system and serial tests can be analysed for evidence of progression or stability using GPA glaucoma progression analysis software. Digital data transfer and analysis will allow us to reduce unnecessary printing on paper.

Zeiss HFA3 830 Visual Field Analyser testing screen

Whilst no one enjoys having their fields of vision tested the new HFA3 830 should at least make the experience as straightforward as possible providing the best assessment of stability of vision in glaucoma.

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